Vanilla Perfumed Incense

Vanilla is a gourmet scent, slightly caramelized.

Our natural incense will perfume your home with subtle scents.

Our incenses will perfume your rooms with magical and playful scents from the shores of the Mediterranean. By lighting a stick of incense, let yourself be seduced and reconnect with your emotions, feelings and enjoy this olfactory experiences.

Vanilla is a gourmet scent, slightly caramelized.

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Description :

Incense has always been a mixture of symbolism and tradition. The aromas of plants can purify, tone and soothe, and be the ingredient of an art of better living and well-being, everyday.

Made entirely from home-made ingredients, prepared from a natural composition, our incense is then perfumed and dried in the Provence sun and then packaged in 30 boxes in cardboard boxes, protected by a tissue paper.

Let burn your incense stick and enjoy its scent to relax or meditate.


Scents available :

Verbena | Spicy Amber | Rosemary | Lavender |Cinnamon-Orange| Lychee | Musk | Citrus Secret | Thyme | Peony | Lemongrass | Sandalwood | Vanilla

Content :

Box of 30 sticks of incense, surrounded by a tissue paper.


Usage tips :

Place your incense stick on an incense holder in a ventilated place but away from the air currents and away from flammable objects.

Use a lighter for ignition and check that after the flame is extinguished a small ember is present on the tip of the stick. This embers indicate that your incense is correctly lit.

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