Nicolosi Creations Workmanship Excellency 2016

Workmanship Excellency

By On 2016-06-24

Hello Everyone! Today is the official launching of our new blog...

...which happens to be on a very joyous occcasion after receiving yesterday night the 2016 Workmanship Excellency award!

A lot of things happened these past two years as you may know if you follow us on Facebook or on Twitter; we opened a new boutique, after 2 years of research we also opened a new sound-&-light Lavender Museum, we created three new ranges of products, and we developped our distribution channel in new countries...

So you can probably imagine how ecstatic we where yesterday while receiving the award!

Excellence artisanale 2016

From now on we will try to give you news every Friday.

The goal of this blog is to exchange more easily than what we usually do, please feel free to ask any questions in the comments, we will be happy to answer!


Talk to you soon,