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The Making


From the manufacture of the perfume to the packaging, the products are carefully handcrafted in our workshop in Aiglun in the Alpes de Haute Provence in the heart of the Dignois basin.

This work makes it possible to guarantee impeccable quality and finishes on each of our perfumes, made from fragrances from the region. Our products are therefore thought out, designed, manufactured and packaged in Provence by favoring short circuits "Made in Provence" Nicolosi Creations has thus obtained 2 craft excellence awards, the first in 2012, the second in 2016.

We are proud to have become partners of the UNESCO Haute-Provence Geopark in 2015.

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Selection of our perfumes

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At Nicolosi Créations we are committed to keeping authenticity for each perfume. This is why we pay particular attention to the composition of our products.

The blue gold "Lavender" is a plant that has been present for years in the Alpes de Haute Provence. This is why our Lavender and Organic Lavandin essential oils are entirely local. All our other essences come from the Bassin Grassois, recognized for its know-how related to perfume.

We control the quality of our perfumes at each stage of the product's life in order to offer you products that meet high standards. In order to be able to compose for French and international companies, our products are able to meet the regulations in force in the different countries.

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Sceau de Cire fragrance diffuser


Stamping was thought up in 2004, when the company was created by Philip Nicolosi, strong in his desire to symbolically mark his creations.

For our Luxury Diffuser range, each diffuser is sealed with a hand-stamped wax seal. It is purely manual work that cannot be replaced by any machinery.

Our wax is a French mineral wax. Customization of seal is also possible, for more information >>

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Responsible approach

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In 2019, the company Nicolosi Créations joined the Lavender Safeguard Fund. It is intended to finance research and development programs aimed at finding ecological solutions for the preservation of lavender.

Nicolosi Créations donates €1,212.80 to save Lavender in Provence! Participation in the manufacture and/or packaging of ESAT (Establishment and service of assistance through work).

Nicolosi Créations is sensitive to the integration of people with disabilities. This represents for our company a workforce of 50%. Our suppliers are located on French territory, in order to promote short circuits.

Some of our glasses come from a workshop in Italy, and the corks from Portugal.

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Vegetable formula contains between 90 and 100% natural ingredients.

All of our glass bottles are recyclable and refillable, and can also be used as a second-hand decorative object.

In an eco-responsible approach, each fragrance has a refill for our rattan diffusers as well as our eau de toilette.

Our customers also have the possibility of coming to refill their bottle directly at the factory outlet, in order to limit waste.

Our products and our formulas are not tested on animals.

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