How to understand an olfactory pyramid

By On 2018-02-14

Nicolosi en

The olfactory pyramid is the structure of a perfume, it is composed by three main groups : 

  • Head notes
  • Heart notes
  • Base notes

The olfactory pyramid will allow during the creation process of the perfum to balance each of the components in order to harmonise the final result. The three different notes represent the three steps of the evolution of the perfume. The evaporation of the different aromas is progressive, longer or shorter, and more or less important depending on the note. The olfactory messages reveal themselves with time.

Since we produce perfumes with natural product, it is important for us to resort to an olfactory pyramid, because she will highlight and counterbalance each of the scent of the perfume.


Head note

It is the first note that we will smell after vaporization. It is volatile and fleeting, it gives the first impression on the perfume. It can fade from 30 minutes to 2 hours after vaporization.

Heart note

It is the distinctive feature of the perfume, it is voluptuous, and will deploy for many hours (from 2 to 4 hours after the evaporation of the head note). It constitute the olfactory signature of the perfume.

Base note

The base note is the one that will fix the perfume, and make it last in time, it evaporate slowly, sometimes during several days.