Home Fragrance (Diffusers, Incense Sticks, Candles)

All our products are hand-made in our atelier in Provence.
You canget them online here : www.lavandieresenprovence.com/boutique 
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Sceau nicolosi creations parfum

Rattan Stick Diffusers

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A large range of fragrances  designed to transport you to Provence each time you breath in...

Sold with their rattan sticks.

Available in 400ml, 250 ml et 100 ml. Refills also available.


Poppy | Orange Blossom | St Jean Flower | Everlasting Flower | Olive Flower | Jasmine | Lavender | Rose | Violet | Spiced Amber | Spring Bouquet | Orange-Cinnamon | Spiced Orange-Cinnamon| Patchouli | Chocolate | Vanilla | Agrum Secret | Fig Leaves | Myrtle | Chestnut Leaves | Rosemary | Honey | Berries | Mandarin | Green Apple | Grapefruit | Sea Scen | Mint Tea | Verbena | Lemon Grass

Scented Candles

Beautiful, sweet-scented and harmonious...

Our sweet-scented candles will bring an air of Provence into the ambience of your home.
Delicate perfumes, will create a charming and cosy atmosphere which will enhance your well being and relaxation.

Thanks to its two wicks, you will optimize the time of burning.
Our candle of 120 gr : Time of burning  +/- 20h
Our candle of 220 gr : Time of burning +/- 30h


Thyme | Musk | Rosemary | Agrum secret
  Provence Market | Lavender | Verbena | Orange/Cinnamon
  Spiced Amber | Peony | Litchee

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Incense Sticks


Our incenses sticks shall subtly perfume your house.

At all times, incenses were a mixture of symbolism and tradition.

Let yourself be carried away by the magical and bright fragrances from the Mediterranean banks. Our frankincense are made from perfumed plants, and are dried in the sun of Provence.

Our incense sticks are packaged by 30 in nice hardback boxes, and protected by a silk paper.

Thyme | Rosemary | Lavender | Verbena
Musk | Provence Market | Agrum Secret | Peony
Spiced Amber | Orange/Cinnamon | Litchee

"I LOVE PROVENCE" Home-Fragrance diffusers and sprays

Une nouvelle gamme aux doux accents de Provence, déclinée en 8 senteurs 

Plaisir de Verveine | Pomme Craquante | Coquine Mandarine | Belle Immortelle
Radieux Coquelicot | Amande Groumande | Rose Amour | Souvenirs de Lavande


Disponible en 3 formats: 
Diffuseur 200ml à batons de rotins | Spray d'ambiance 100ml | Spray d'Ambiance 50ml


Vous pouvez retrouver toute la collection ici: 


I love provence by Nicolosi Creations