"Eau de toilette" Gift Box

This box contains:
- Lavender Eau de Toilette
- Rose Eau de Toilette

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Usage tips :

Hand Cream : Apply a small amount and massage gently to penetrate.

Liquid soap : Suitable for frequent hand washing. Apply on damp skin, rub gently and rinse thoroughly.

Organic lavender essential oil : Electric diffusers, wooden sticks, ceramic cup, soaked cloth: the diffusion means are almost as numerous as the essential oils.

Exfoliating soap : With its natural lavender flowers, our 100 gr natural soap has a gentle exfoliating effect. With its softening and refreshing properties, it will leave your skin silky.

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Content :

A hand cream 75gr, a 200ml liquid soap, a real lavender essential oil 30ml and a lavender soap exfoliating 100gr.

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