Home Fragrance diffuser 400ml (Culbuto)

Il nostro più grande formato di profumo d'ambiente, 400 ml di bellezza allo stato puro... Perfetto per le stanze più grandi della casa !

Un flacone di vetro italiano per una qualità e un design magnifici, dei sentori Made-in-Provenza per un'atmosfera insoleggiata tutto l'anno !

Durata di utilizzazione circa 8 mesi.

Bastoncini di malacca inclusi.

37,00€ inc. tax

home fragrance diffuser provence natural

Description :

Our biggest home diffuser, 400ml of pure beauty... Perfect for the biggest rooms of the house!

A large range of fragrances designed to transport you to Provence each time you breath in... Sold with their rattan sticks. Available in 400ml, 250 and 100ml. Refills also available.

Available fragrances :

Floral : Poppy | Cotton Flower | Orange Blossom  | St Jean Flower | Everlasting Flower | Olive Flower | Elixir |  Jasmine | Lavender | Rose | Violet

Spicy : Spiced Amber | Sandalwood | Spring Bouquet | Orange-Cinnamon | Spiced Orange-Cinnamon | Patchouli | Chocolate | Vanilla |  Agrum Secret

Provençales : Almond | Fig Leaves | Lavender | Myrtle | Chestnut Leaves | Rosemary | Honey

Fruity :  Berries | Litchi | Mandarin | Green Apple | Grapefruit

Fresh :  Sea Scent | Mint Tea | Verbena | Lemon Grass

Directions for Use  :

The intensity of the fragrance is proportional to the number of sticks used. To intensify the diffusion, soak all your sticks, if the fragance smells to strong, take away someone.


Available Sizes :

3.4 fl.oz 100ml and 8.5 fl.oz
Glass bottle - 8 rattan sticks included


Ingredients :

Alcohol of vegetable origin (denat), Water, Fragrance

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Credit cart and Paypal.

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About delivery : 

For the expedition in France, Corsica or Monaco all your delivery delay are from 2 to 3 workingdays.

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