Lavender Perfumed Incense

An incense with the incomparable scent of Provence.

Our incense will perfume your interior with the magical scents of the shores of the Mediterranean. By lighting a stick of incense, let yourself be seduced and reconnect with emotions, sensations and olfactory experiences.

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Description :

Incense has always been a mixture of symbolism and tradition. The aromas of plants can purify, tone and soothe, and be the ingredient of an art of better living and well-being, everyday.

Made entirely from home-made ingredients, prepared from a natural composition, our incense is then perfumed and dried in the Provence sun and then packaged in 30 boxes in cardboard boxes, protected by a tissue paper.

Let burn your incense stick and enjoy its scent to relax or meditate.


Scents available :

Verbena | Spicy Amber | Rosemary | Lavender |Cinnamon-Orange| Lychee | Musk | Citrus Secret | Thyme | Peony


Content :

Box of 30 sticks of incense, surrounded by a tissue paper.


Usage tips :

Place your incense stick on an incense holder in a ventilated place but away from the air currents and away from flammable objects.

Use a lighter for ignition and check that after the flame is extinguished a small ember is present on the tip of the stick. This embers indicate that your incense is correctly lit.

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