100% Natural Lavender Flower Sachet - Purple Organza

Sachet of 100% natural dried lavender flowers to perfume your drawers, cupboards or cars.

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diffuser home fragrance Lavender provence natural

Description :

Sachet 100% natural dried lavandin flowers to perfume your drawers, cupboards or car. Our scented sachets diffuse a subtle scent of lavender. Purple Organza.


Available Formats : 20gr


Ingredients : Dried Flowers

Usage tips :

To revive the fragrance of your sachet, we advise you to shake or squeeze it from time to time.


Tip :

Fragrance your home by vacuuming. For this, just open the bag to put the value of a tablespoon of flowers in the bag of your vacuum cleaner or directly on the floor and then suck them. Renew the operation regularly.

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