Home Fragrance Refill 8.5fl.oz

250ml refill for diffusers

Once the diffuser is empty, all you have to do is fill it!

42 flavors available.

Rattan sticks included.

18,00€ inc. tax

home fragrance sticks rattan diffuser

Description :

A whole range of scented compositions, imagined to reveal new magical scents in your interior. An unforgettable olfactory journey, according to your desires, perfume every room of your house. Diffusers sold with rattan sticks, available in 400 ml, 250 ml and 100 ml. Refills in 250ml, 1 liter and 2 liters are also available.



Usage tips :

Keep the glass bottle of your diffuser and fill it with the contents of the refill.

The intensity of the perfume released is proportional to the number of sticks used. To intensify the diffusion, soak all the sticks, if the smell is too strong, remove some of them.


Available Formats :

250ml, 1l, 2l.
Plastic Refill - 8 Rattan Sticks included


Composition :

Alcohol of plant origin (Denat), Water, Perfume.

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Credit cart and Paypal.

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